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Nerds On Livejournal

Turns out that my search to find some extreme nerding out on livejournal didn't take very long at all.  I was going through the posts from people who post on Arisia (because that's my go to reference when talking about nerding out) and found one of the nerdiest things I've ever read.  It even beat out this one guy, marlowe1 who placed a craigslist ad for a roommate, and thought that his snarky emails to spammers (and please, who doesn't expect spammers on craigslist?) made the living situation seem worse than the actual one described in the ad.  No thanks to no having friends over on weekends, cooking non-kosher meals only in the oven, not using electricity in front of you, and generally not mocking your silly orthodox jewish beliefs.  I also automatically judge anyway who converts to a crazy religion, something that actually requires effort and thought which makes me think that you are in fact an idiot because anyone who puts thought into it would realize it's all bullshit. 
Ok, the nerd of the day is chaiya, who has a post congratulating herself on getting an essay posted to a website.  It was on Angela Chase's personality, and when I read that I thought 'isn't that the character from my so called life? No it couldn't be, no one would publish an essay on a character from a tv show that was on for one season and has been off air for a decade.'  Turns out it was, someone would, but that website is...a website dedicated entirely to my so called life.  Sooo, getting your essay published on there not so much of an accomplishment.  I'm sure they're in desperate need of new material.  So many classic signs of nerding out here.  First, being overly proud of "accomplishments".  Nerding out usually always includes an overinflation of ego.  Plus the fact that she actually wrote a serious essay about a character from a show that ended over a decade ago with sources from wikipedia.  Obsessions with obscure things, such as cult tv shows that no one really cares about anymore is, I think, a requirement of being accepted into the nerd community.  It is all seriously fantastically nerdy.

Convo on the 1 train

Old Woman:  It's really hot in here (after getting into the subway car)
Old Man:  Well that's because when the train enters it pushes all the hot air with it from the friction on the tracks...blah blah blah...didn't think to put in a ventilation system...blah blah blah (10 minutes)
Even if you have been married for awhile/are old doesn't mean she cares about all your "knowledge".  I also wasn't aware that the giant grates in the ceiling didn't count as ventilation.

Nerding Out on Livejournal

So I have decided to post what I think are nerdy posts from people on livejournal.  Again to clarify, nerding isn't necessarily a bad thing...

First up, an entry from shadesong.  Ok, so I have been reading her blog since this godawful panel at Arisia where we were supposed to sit and watch people write on their laptops for 30 minutes.  We actually left before they read their stories - so the awful in no way refers to the quality of the writing, just the idea for this type of panel.  I say take a cue from the pipe cleaner dragon panel and involve the audience.  But anyway, I couldn't help noticing this post.  First I will list a disclaimer that I think it is awesome what she's doing, if there were more people who were as vocal about supporting rape victims then they wouldn't feel so reluctant to come forward.  Also, there may be less blaming of the victim crap.  But anyway, onto the nerdiness.
First, it is an ANTICIPATED FAQ.  Meaning that these aren't frequently asked questions at all, they are merely ideas floating around in 'songs (the ' is pronounced as a tongue click) head.  No one has actually asked her these questions, and I feel that the definition of nerding out is assuming that people are going to be so interested in what you are doing/what you have to say that they will ask many questions and be interested in hearing you talk at length about it.  Sorry, but I don't really think that's the case here.  And notice that she managed to nerd out before I even came across this part:

A what? Alien archaeologist who holds objects and mentally picks up flickers/scenes from said objects' pasts.

I don't think I have to say anymore.  So good job in trying to raise awareness and funds for an important cause, and further more, good job in so thoroughly nerding out!

- Kristen

Nerd Conventions

Today on cracked.com they had a list of the 8 most pathetic conventions.  Sadly the only one I've ever been too, Arisia, wasn't on the list.  Maybe even more sad was that I already knew what filking was, although I appreciate it only because it allows for endless mockery. 

- Kristen


The new Mars probe just found ice on Mars!  So freaking cool!  And somehow is not on the front page on nytimes.com or cnn.com.  Though Jamie Lynn Spears having a child and the fact that some kid got accepted into the ivy league schools is.  News flash, lots of people have babies, it's actually not that difficult to do.  Also, lots of people get into ivy league schools, at least if my friends and I are representative.  Ice on Mars is way more exciting.  And if you take this new finding with past discoveries such as the blueberries that water did once flow throughout the rest of the planet, it's amazingly cool. 

- Kristen


80s nostalgia

I was searching for cds the other day in the storage area in our basement when I came across all of the tapes of cartoons from when I was little. Including Wee Sing In Sillyville! I was going to do my duty as a citizen and post it to youtube when I found that someone already had. Here are two of my favorite parts. Nerd confession - I totally had a crush on the little boy with a leaf on his head when I was little.

We always play Stars and Stripes Forever in marching band and every single time we get to the trio this scene plays in my head.

Nerding Out at CVS

Today I was leaving staples with my younger brother when I saw a guy getting out of his car.  I think that going to all of the nerd festivals lately (Arisia, etc.) has heightened my nerd radar, because I knew immediately that this guy was a nerd.  He was wearing a hat that no normal person would ever wear.  At first I thought it was a poofy hat, kind of like the PhD hats, then it looked like a bike helmet, finally I realized it was some form of a leather cowboy hat.  Hilarious, you don't see a lot of nerds in Waltham, it's mostly white boys who think they're black and slutty girls wearing clothes about 3 sizes too small.

- Kristen

Pure form of Carbon

Yesterday at a family party we were talking about my beautiful engagement ring, and I told them a story from my astronomy class this past semester.  We were talking about the elements, and my professor asked what pure forms of carbon we knew of, and mentioned that none of us would have one of them.  And I got excited because I had a pure form of carbon with the diamonds in my ring.  Everyone then proceeded to mock me for being a nerd.

- Kristen

Nerding Out Today

I definitely had a nerding out moment today.  I found my copy of Origin of Species in my younger brothers room today, and found out that they had just studied evolution in his 10th grade science class.  So of course I had to tell him parts to read to be able to impress his teacher, and having read this for class had the important sections tagged and highlighted.  I picked out what I thought was the most important part of the book where Darwin writes for the first time what the theory of natural selection means, and read the quote out loud.  Both my mother and brother began making noises to show that they were bored but I refused to stop.  I mean COME ON!  Its Darwin's words on his theory that changed how we think about the world!  How is that not exciting to hear.  It seriously gives me chills to read it every time.  They're just lucky I didn't stop talking about how he crushed the creationist design argument with the explanation of the evolution of the eye. 

- Kristen